Here at Booklight we’ve been successfully helping awarding organisations and educational institutions to develop hard copy and digital learning resources for many years. 


We know how important it is that your learning resources help learners meet their learning outcomes. We understand that you need high quality and engaging learning materials delivered on time and on budget; that’s why all our learning resources are tailored to your needs and written by qualified technical writers. 


We’ll always listen to your requirements and deliver to your brief. Plus, we guarantee that all our work is original and written just for you, meaning you don’t have to worry about expensive rewrites or copyright infringements. You’ll get original, high quality content first time, every time.

On a tight budget or timeframe?


We’ll always work to an agreed budget and timeframe, meaning you can be confident we’ll deliver on our promise to you. Helping to keep your project on track. 


With Booklight Learning, you can be sure your resources will be delivered exactly how you want them. 


To find out more or to discuss how Booklight Learning could help your organisation, please contact us here.


Why Choose Booklight Learning?

All our content is developed to meet learning outcomes and assessment criteria.


Whether its technical writing from scratch, a review of existing content or a full end-to-end learning resource project, when you work with us you can be confident that we’ll deliver high quality learning resources every time.


We’re Experienced

Our team has over 60 years’ educational writing and project management experience, we know what makes educational content work! 


We Tailor to Your Needs

Every customer has different needs. We’ll always work to understand your individual project needs so that we can provide you with a tailored solution. 


Whether its digital or hard copy solutions, we’ll consult with you so that your bespoke resources meet your objectives. 


We don’t just work to a set template either, we can lay them out the way you want.


We’re Agile 

We understand that for some larger projects, waiting for it to be complete before you can launch to market is not always commercially feasible. That's why we offer an agile approach to larger projects e.g. those involving several units. 


We can ensure you don’t have to wait for the full project before it's complete. For example, using our agile approach we can deliver units or modules as they are signed off, meaning you can begin supplying them to your customers even before the full project is complete.  


Project management 

We understand that each of our customers has different needs. Some have existing project teams in place and simply want help with writing great, engaging content for their learning resources. We can help with that. 


But we also know that sometimes, you have more projects that manpower or may not have the expertise to manage the production of engaging, original high quality learning resource content.


That's why we offer a full end-to-end project management solution, from scoping out the brief and sourcing qualified expertise, to signing off and final digital or print production.